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die "kornkreise" stehen für plattformen?

Sebastian Küpers

yes - the circles are a metapher for different connected virtual worlds - good to see, that you've apprehended it directly ;)


looks good to me ;)

Cathrine Mason

Congratulations with your new logo, its really wunderbar :)




i like it! some people might read »the therland group« because the orther »circles« are pretty heavy too. maybe a lighter green for the other cicles?

still, good work.


Like it a lot, good job!


Hi there,
I like the logo. I have two suggestions though:
1. The font in "the" and "group" strikes me as a little bit heavy. Maybe you could tone it down either in weight, saturation (85% black?) or size. It makes the "otherland" disappear almost.
2. It is hard to see that "otherland" is a word at first glace. I think it needs more emphasis. Maybe the links to the other circles are too heavy or the circles themselves are. Maybe it's just the one on the top left.
keep it up.
just my two cents,


It looks really good - and the light green are also lovely to see used for once.

The typeface and the use of it and spacing are very pro choosen/done. I give it very high points!

Congrats to it and I hope I will see it often in Second Life and IRL as well of course.

I also trust in your company and especially Markus since long. Very long.

Keep on we all in SL need companys as yours!

/Tina (PetGirl) Bergman - Resident in Otherland/SL and owner of EXAKT in SL plus more:-)))

windfairy welles

I like it very much. Especially the "O" as it is easy to use stand-alone on T-Shirts, stamps, merchendise of any kind and - naturally? - for a floorplan of the corporate headquarters... :-) Might be a little difficult to use in small print media though.

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