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Karsten Füllhaas

I would like to know what this means for us people from Switzerland, because we are no "Euros". Well, not yet...

Markus Breuer (Pham Neutra)

This only applies to people residing in a country of the EU. And - to the best of my knowledge - you fiercely independet Swiss haven't signed over your beautiful country to the EU. You are Europeans but no EURos ;)

Fredy Kyong

So, we pay Californian tax on our premium accounts AND we pay European VAT? I am interested how Linden will deal taxing their residents double!

Markus Breuer (Pham Neutra)

California sales tax is applied to sales of goods to Californian residents (to the best of my knowledge). VAT is applied to sales to a resident of an EU country. As it is kind of hard, to be a resident of California and of a country of the EU I can't see much of a risk for double taxition. :)

But it is possible that I misunderstood your comment. Seems likely actually.

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