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nic mitham

Just curious - if you're telling people NOT to check out Kinset or TheMallPlus, why are you linking to them?

Markus Breuer (Pham Neutra)


Nic, it is common practice (and the polite way to handle it, IMHO) to link to sites you mention in your blog -- even if you critisize them. I hope there will not be a huge damage, when people go there -- especially of they are forewarned. :)

Dave Elchoness

Agree. Gratuitous use of a particular "cool" technology when it doesn't enhance the experience actually undermines the technology itself. I advise companies on how to use virtual worlds in the workplace, but am very willing to discourage them from doing so unless they understand the concept of community and immersion. Streaming a powerpoint into Second Life is NOT the way to go. People will wonder why they're wasting their time and tell them friends why the experience was BS. On the other hand, adapting a powerpoint training meaningfully to a collaborative, experiential learning experience for members of a team that may be geographically dispersed but at the same time "together" is transformative.

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