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Katsomi Kawashima

Lets not get confused by the insults and the bullshit in the Linden announcement.

The heart of it is just an enormous price hike. This can have two alternative explanations;

1) LL wants higher profits

2) LL is desperate for more money because they themselves feel the economic crunch of the present times

At an analysis there is much that speaks for the latter alternative (especially the "no grandfathering" clause).

One can only regret that they chose to make the announcement in these insulting and erratic terms. It is not the first time the LL makes irrational decisions. It seems to be inheritable.

Dana Bergson

@Katsomi: I always try not to attribute to malice (or greed) what can be explained by simple incompetence. ...

I guess it is a mix. I am afraid (really afraid) that they did not foresee the great success of Openspaces and the demands this would cause on the Grid. This is utterly naive, of course ...

Additionally, they are afraid to make any changes to the systems (which might be able to limit those demands in a fair and acceptable way) but go for a simple price hike. Their idea is probably price hike would
(1) pay for the additional ressources
(2) reduce the amount of Openspaces on the Grid

This is a stupid strategy IMHO and I guess they have underestimated the reactions from the customers side. In the end, if the price changes really goes through - which I don't expect, currently - they would be in a situation with maybe the same or even less earnings (because many Openspace would simply be abandoned by angry owners) AND face an alienated customer base.

This "solution" they have come up with might look good on an excel sheet, but - again - it simply does not take into account peoples reactions in a real economy. They did not foresee peoples behavior when they improved the Openspaces this spring and they misjudged the situation again.

Saffia Widdershins

Dana, I'd be really interested to see how you and other land owners of your status are feeling about OpenSim technology now.

It seems to me that as soon as groups like yours feel that business can be done on alternative grids (and there are some pre-conditions I can see, which I'll be discussing soon on my own blog), there could well be a market of currently disgruntled OpenSpace rentiers who trust their landlords but not the Lab.

Dana Bergson

Hi Safia,

I have checked out OpenSim. We did some internal experiments on our own servers and I have accounts on 4 different alternate grids, currently.

Unfortunately I have to say that OpenSim is NOT ready for prime time. Most of our customers would not be happy with the experience on those grids currently, which are populated (sparsely) by die hard enthusiasts now.

I expect this technology to mature substantially in 2009, though, and you can expect an "Otherland Grid" in 2009 :) I am NOT sure if this will attract a lot of customers. There are too many technological questions still to be solved before such an offer will be as attractive (to the majority) as the Second Life Grid.

Katsomi Kawashima


" - - who trust their landlords but not the Lab."

Hear that!

And its not only trust that is better in Otherland, the service is also very superior to LL. After having four places in Otherland I wouldnt dream of going back to the mainland again, ever.

Matter of fact I only go there when I absolutely have to for buying things and then I tp back to my lag free and continously working island thinking - thank God i dont have to live on the Linden mainland - - -

Bud Parnall

The professional way your company has conducted itself is in stark contrast to the dealings with Linden

Pure and simple I have come to believe that they just need money. How stupid could they be in the way they handled it? How unfair to estate managers?

I have enjoyed my sim to the fullest. Abuse was a insulting term to use. He retracted that on Wednesday. I bet the lawyers advised him.

Give me a tool and I will use it fully. That is all I have done on my sim. If I am harming others please tell me. I know I am using it to the design limit. If they do not want that I need to know.

If you have to raise the price I understand.

I am glad to see you post to this. I stand ready to assist. The Lindens are not responding.

This is their folly♠.


G2 Proto

I agree that there are some hard limits with OpenSim but these issues are addressed everyday by the developers and as stated 2009 will likely yield a production level build. That said many things can be done today within OpenSims limits.

Barefoot Ballinger

Dana, you have some loyal tenants... if you do open an "Otherland grid", I'll be there. Well, in whatever form I can afford .

Of course, my friends won't be visiting until they can TP in, skin attached... but that too shall come soon enough.

Dana Bergson

@Barefoot: that's exactly what I meant with "not ready for prime time"
@G2: I agree "many things can be DONE". Most customers would like to simply enjoy and be entertained ... the enthusiasts might already find OpenSim regions interesting. The majority will find them limited and clumsy in their current state. But I hope that this will change soon. It is hard to predict the pace of progress with software projects, though - especially with open-sourced ones :)

BigCity Mapholisto

My loyalty lies with OtherLand who has earned it through action, not false promises. I may have to cut back my investment - but will keep my eyes open to what OtherLand does in the future.

I honestly believe Linden has burned the last bridge. All of us - whatever we decide to hold on to - do so ONLY because we don't want to leave the virtual world simulator concept. If Linden had a viable competitor - or if OtherLand opened something tomorrow, my money would move faster than a blink of the eye.

It is now a waiting game. Reduce my holdings to a point I can afford, and jump ship the first chance I get.

I simply don't see anything Linden could do at this point to regain our trust short of leaving things the way they are - and I can't see that happening from a team that has shown no respect for their customer base.

Dana, keep looking. Your move to somewhere else will be followed immediately with mine.


Katsomi Kawashima

Now M Linden has published his text on the open spaces.

There is no use argumenting about his claims that crashes are down and stability increased. Its strange that he says so since I cannot be the only one with several crashes a day and enormous lags when visiting LL-administered land the last few weeks.

Anyway I think the important thing now is the price increase and the eventual restrictions on open spaces.

I hope Dana is able to explain to us soon what his pronouncements really mean in terms of price and restrictions.

We look to you Dana. What will happen?

Dana Bergson

Please check the Otherlanders (inworld group) blog

Its hard to say more now and I am not sure, if I will have firm dates about limits and restrictions. M was ... kinda vague about that :=)


Well, it's been a while, and I, like many of you, have been pestering Dana :) for answers she doesn't have yet.

I've decided to turn in my 3 open sims for a full sim - and then wait until Linden decides they now have to raise prices on full sims because too many people converted lol...

Many of you probably have seen the math, but here's what I've concluded...

With 16 open space sims on a quad server, Linden was making $1200 a month at the $75 price. The new price ups their income to $2000 per server.

I recently read an article that claimed that there were 22,000 open sims in existence. That would mean there are 1375 servers supporting those sims, and the price increase will net an additional $1.1 million if everyone stays.

If they lose 33% (which is simply a projection I read in an article I don't remember) that would leave 907 server at the new price, netting them (in effect)$1.8 million total as compared to $1.65 million at the old prices - AND - they have almost 500 servers empty for future expansion. If they are smart, and there is ANY truth to the performance claim, they will put homesteads on servers in groups of 8 to make sure they don't become the next excuse for raisning prices.

One side item I simply have to mention - and the one that bothers me the most...

Raising prices is bad enough - but REDUCING peroformance of the product they designed? Where have you EVER seen such a business practice. Have you ever seen a computer model price go up while the features were reduced? Ridiculous.

Ok, one more... I honestly believe that the Lindens don't understand the creative blood that keeps their business alive. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people here who are part of SL becasue it gives them the abilities to show their creativity. Force them to leave, and all SL becomes is another Kaneva where creativity is defined as what the internal people can build for you.

Don't let Linden fool you. This has got little to do with performance and everything to do with rearranging the business to their advantage in the future. A side benefit is it drives people back the mainland, something they need to do desperately (considering the mess they made of it). All short sighted goals - all doomed to ultimately fail.

Dana mentioned options like OpenSim will likely be ready over the next year or so. Competition will relegate Linden into a role similar to IBM - the old-rich-too-big-to-get-rid-of giant that is always there but few people like or trust.

The Lindens will probably laugh all the way to the bank, but most of us will be elsewhere choosing not to pay for their abuses.


cleric dazy

nice to read that..
but i think the spin works.. a friend was kicked from his homestead cause an estate owner said he use more that 1.2ms (checked with the estate top script owner tool) for his 1/2 sim.
asked where he found those crazy numbers, he send him to a blog speaking about the os as if the right use of homestead is only ultra_ultra_light..
it was obvious that the blog poster never owned a full os sim and checked how powerfull they are in fact..

the trouble with overload is since 1.20 viewer the cache don t work properly so the transfer of textures is a way more often as in 1.19
many people now need to upgrade the download limits with their providers since 1.20
LL say , can t reproduce the problem, even if all experienced cache trouble since 1.20..

overload due to a 2nd bug with scripts.. ms varriing from 1 to 10 time the original speed while making the same simple routine..

booth make huge server side needs increase..

but LL prefer to play another game instead..


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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