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"You cannot style your avatar … “different” at all." This sounds like the biggest disadvantage to me. Imho virtual worlds are a lot about visually expressing your (inner) self (alongside with commuinating). Not being able to style yourself different than anybody else or worst case: meeting dozends of look-a-likes will prevent any user of vw today from using Home.

Torrid Luna

The strange, reptilian look of all non-SL avatars is most prominent. One just cannot identify with that, no matter what clothes...

Nb., cybering "against" an activated explicite-language filter could actually be interesting... I propose the term "Text-Karezza" for it. ;-) #nsfw

Madame Maracas

Frankly from what I've seen in promos and read online I suspect Home should be compared to There.com, not SL more fairly for it's vetted, semi-homogenized content, and smaller range of real estate.

IF they do the things that There.com does well (games, physics, vehicles) they might have a chance seeing as they have the built-in muscle/drawing power of the platform to bring folks in world. However, I suspect most game/world developers have severely underestimated what it really takes to make a viable "world" of content and community.

Hubris stings.

Gaby Benkwitz aka Consiliera

Good points. Avatar cusomization: I was able to make the avatar much older by adding lines and by tweakingt the head shape as far as I remember. The only thing that really annoys me is
1) there is no long blonde hair available, not even for money
2) we can't build (no UGC)

And #1 is the direct result of #2

Aleida aka Cecille Enoch

That's right Sony's HOME is NOT Sony's Second Life. In a way I don't believe HOME will evolve into a platform such as Second Life. For now it does offer a nice variation on other console owner interaction like those of the Wii or Xbox 360.

I like how easy it is to navigate through Home. It's much easier than making your first steps in Second Life. I'm also a little disappointed about the limit character customization.

I have to make a sidenote about the conversations you mentioned in HOME. They are actually quite similar to the first lines I read when I started out in Second Life in April 2007. When I was busy with customizing my avatar on Orientation Island, I immediately got hit on by a guy who asked if I had an msn/cam account. And during my first weeks questions like "Where are you from?" and "Do you have msn?" were pretty common.

rpg games

Yeah i totally agree, there are a lot of differences between SL and Home. Both are great, in their own way and both bring fun, games and social interactions. Great article, i have always been amazed by how complex and amazing some virtual worlds became!

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